The Issues and Options Consultation Statement has now been published. Head to the Issues and Options page to find out more.

Evidence and Timetable

On 10 March 2022, the Joint Cabinet/Executive Committee was presented with updates on the technical studies being prepared as part of the Local Plan evidence base, and on the current progress and scope of the Local Plan work. Members were asked to agree the scope and end date of the South Warwickshire Local Plan, and to agree the timetable for its preparation. All matters were accepted and agreed as recommended.

Scoping and Call for Sites Consultation

On 14th April 2021, the Joint Cabinet/Executive Committee approved the Scoping and Call for Sites document for public consultation.

Advisory Group and Joint Cabinet/Executive Committee

A joint Member Advisory Group has been established to steer and drive forward the preparation of the South Warwickshire Local Plan. Cllrs Alan Boad and Trevor Harvey have been appointed joint chairmen. The preparation of the South Warwickshire Local Plan is the responsibility of Cllr Daren Pemberton, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Place at Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Cllr John Cooke, Portfolio Holder for Development Services at Warwick District Council.

A single South Warwickshire Joint Cabinet/Executive Committee comprising Cabinet Members from Stratford-on-Avon District and Executive Members from Warwick District Council has been established to be the decision-making body for the South Warwickshire Local Plan. This committee will also make recommendations to the respective Full Councils as appropriate. Importantly, both Councils at their full meetings of Councillors will need to agree to the South Warwickshire Local Plan in order for the plan to progress.

View the South Warwickshire Plan report from October 2020 agreeing to prepare the South Warwickshire Plan:

Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Warwick District Council have also issued a Joint Statement outlining the commitment to work collaboratively.