The Issues and Options Consultation Statement has now been published. Head to the Issues and Options page to find out more.

As well as setting out planning policies that will apply to development proposals, the South Warwickshire Local Plan will also meet development needs by identifying new sites for development, and protecting existing sites, as appropriate. To help identify land for development a 'Call for Sites' is used. This allows landowners and promoters to submit land/sites to us which will be assessed, and as appropriate considered in the plan-making process. Sites deemed suitable may then be allocated in the plan.

A Second Call for Sites

Sites submitted during the second Call for Sites, which ran from Monday 9 January to Monday 6 March 2023, are now available to view on the Interactive Map alongside sites submitted through the 1st Call for sites. Please note that these sites are presented for information at this stage and have not yet been assessed as to their suitability for inclusion within the plan nor are they endorsed.

To understand all of the features of the Interactive Map please take a look at the Instructions.

A full list of Call for Sites Submissions is also available to view online. This list contains the reference number, site name, site address and submitter.

All Call for Sites submissions are soon to be assessed against the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) methodology as outlined on our Technical Evidence webpage.


Please note that your response will be shared between both Councils. Please read the full Privacy Notice for the South Warwickshire Local Plan to see how we will use your data.