The Issues and Options Consultation Statement has now been published. Head to the Issues and Options page to find out more.

The Scoping and Call for Sites Consultation has now ended.

The initial Scoping and Call for Sites Consultation ran from Monday 10th May - Monday 21st June 2021. The full consultation document can be seen below

The Call for Sites exercise provided the opportunity for landowners to submit site suggestions for development, or other land use, for consideration through the South Warwickshire Plan process. Sites deemed suitable may be allocated in the plan.

The information submitted as part of the Scoping and Call for Sites consultation is now available to view online.

Scoping Consultation Responses

Call for Sites

*Please note, that since the Call for Sites were first published on 5 January 2022, officers have identified 4 sites that were submitted on time, but were missed from the interactive map. These sites have subsequently been added to the interactive map and other relevant Call for Sites information. The additional 4 sites bring the total number of sites submitted as part of the Call for Sites process to 558. The additional sites are as follows:

  • East of Hampton Magna (Site ref: 573)
  • Stockton Grange Farm Meadows (Site ref: 574)
  • Tinker Close, Radford Semele (Site ref: 575)
  • Land east of Shuckburgh Road Priors Marston (Site Ref: 576)

A key element of the consultation was a call for site suggestions for development and land use for consideration through the Local plan process. The Call for Sites is an important part of plan-making, but crucially, only one part of the process. The suitability of sites for development and addressing infrastructure constraints are equally important. The reality is that as the local planning authorities for South Warwickshire, we are obliged to prepare a Local Plan that meets our development needs and manages development proposals. Further sites for employment and housing are required. The Call for Sites is the starting point for that plan-making process. As a result of this exercise a total of 557 sites have been submitted.

The call for sites is simply a long list of the 557 sites that have been submitted to Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick District councils for consideration through the South Warwickshire Local Plan process. Publication of the Call for Sites is in no way an endorsement by either Council that the site is either suitable for development or will be included within the Local Plan itself. These sites have not yet been analysed and as such it is unlikely that all sites will be taken forward as the plan progresses.

Work is ongoing to assess the sites to inform the next stage of the plan and this information will be made available in due course. It is likely that we will run future Call for Sites at later stages of the plan making process, if the Councils conclude that the sites submitted are not suitable, or are in the wrong locations.


Stakeholder Engagement

As part of the Scoping and Call for Sites Consultation a number of virtual stakeholder sessions were run, providing the opportunity for attendees to ask any questions they may have about the consultation document or process. The presentation from the sessions can be seen below:

Public Events

Four virtual Public Q&A Sessions were held during the consultation. These events provided the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions on the consultation document and the process of responding.


Additional Resources

Other documents associated with the Scoping and Call for sites consultation can be found below: